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I have lived in Tahoe-Reno area just about 20 years and I enjoy the area for the extreme weather and the distinct four seasons. Also I enjoy the area for the winter and summer recreation activities such as skiing, fishing, camping, backpacking, Hot Augusts Nights, The Best In The West Nugget Rib Cook Off & The Great Reno Balloon Races. Further more I’ve lived in the Sierra Nevada area for about half of my life.
Also I was born in Burlingame, CA on August 25, 1966 and moved to Sugar Pine, CA when I was fourteen. Moreover my passion for weather as a youth involved making a hygrometer (measures humidity) with a milk carton, sewing needle and human hair. In addition I also made a rain gauge out of chicken wire, funnel, pc pipe and a yard stick. Then I kept a weather journal with such data as barometric pressure, temperature, sky conditions, rainfall amounts and snow amounts.

My fascination with weather led me to pursue an education from San Jose State University and The United States Department of Agriculture. Then I received a certificate in Meteorology from the USDA graduate school November 2006.
In addition my work experience in the field of Meteorology consists of daily preparing the forecast for Tahoe-Reno Weather established 2007 and three volunteer positions (National Weather Service, Sacramento Air Resources Board and Mike Alger (KTVN)).
Concluding with future Plans for Tahoe-Reno Weather Include placing weather stations with webcams throughout the Tahoe-Reno-Carson area. Obviously these stations would be available to viewers of tahoerenoweather.com. Future plans for enhancing the appeal of tahoereno.com website include providing some of the most current and vivid satellite and radar pictures on the web.


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